Taiwanese are Taiwanese-Please sign the petition for Census US – 2020 ◎黃根深(Ken Huang)教授等發起



At the category of person’s race, In the questionnaire of the US Census 2020, they are: White, Black, American Indian or Alaska native. In the Asian section, they are: Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and others…

Unfortunately, “Taiwanese” is missing.

We are asking to add“Taiwanese” into the listing. The reason is simple: Taiwanese are taiwanese, Chinese are Chinese.


Today, There are 23 million of people in Taiwan. Most of them are descendents of migrants from Southern provinces of China, during the Dutch occupation time, from 1624 to 1664. Those migrants were laborers who were mostly male. It was natural that they married the local aboriginals women. A new ethnic group was then born. In a recent DNA test, it shows that 85% of current population has the mix of indigenes and Han Chinese heritages.

At the end of World War II, the U.S. Allied Army appointed China’s Chiang Kai-sheck to take over and to rule the island of Taiwan. Although Chiang Kai-sheck brought with him an army of half millions of soldiers and one million Chinese civilians to Taiwan.

After 60 plus years, there has been a big change in demostic politics and the demographics in Taiwan. Taiwan is now a new and developed nation. People’s attitude toward their identities have changed. In a recent survey; 80 % plus consider themselves Taiwanese, and less then 4% consider themselves Chinese, the others consider both.

In th early 1960, duo to a change of immigration laws in the U S A, it attracted a great numbers of Taiwanese people immigranting into the U S A. Today, It is estimated that at least one million plus taiwanese Americans right now are residing in the USA. Among them , 90% plus of them consider themselves to be Taiwanese Americans, and only 3% would consider themselves to be Chinese.

Taiwanese Americans prefer to be identified as Taiwanese. That are Their wish.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • The Department of Commerce Bureau of Census US – 2020


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