Matt Fong獎學金申請到4月3日截止,加州目前在學大學生可申請


2024-03-29 大洛杉磯台灣會館提供圖文

APCF is pleased to announce the Matt Fong AAPF Scholarship. This scholarship honors the memory of former California State Treasurer Matt Fong and his dedication to public service. His leadership in state politics was an inspiration to many and opened up opportunities for Asian Americans in the public finance industry. This scholarship is open to full-time undergraduate students at a 4-year college/university in California for 2023-2024. Please visit

APCF 很榮幸地宣布鄺傑靈 AAPF 獎學金。這項獎學金是為了紀念前加州財務長鄺傑靈 (Matt Fong) 及其對公共服務的奉獻。他在州政治中的領導力激勵了許多人,並為亞裔美國人在公共財政行業中開拓了機會。此獎學金面向2023-2024學年在加州四年制大學/大專院校全日制就讀的本科生。請訪問 以獲取更多信息。

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