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“台灣建國入聯” 是海內外台灣人共同的夢想,讓我們一起為實現這個夢想努力奮鬥吧!(圖

During BBC’s interview on January 16, 2020, President Tsai Ing-wen told the reporter, John Sudworth, “Taiwan does not have to declare independence because the country is already an independent nation.”, she also added “We are an independent country already and we call ourselves the Republic of China, Taiwan.”

If Taiwan is already an independent nation as President Tsai claimed, she should answer following questions:

Why our country’s name is ROC?

Why Taiwan is forced to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name of “Chinese Taipei”?


What kind of relations are between Taiwan and China? ” One country on each side of the Taiwan Strait?

When Taiwan can join the UN and become a member state?

If Taiwan, in reality as well as in name, is an independent nation, the name of our country shall be either the Republic of Taiwan or Taiwan just like Canada. It shall not be ROC (Taiwan), Taiwan (ROC) or ROC/Taiwan. We don’t know how President Tsai Ing-wen calls herself. The Chinese Taiwan’s president? The Taiwanese president of ROC? The ROC’s president of Taiwan? The president of ROC on Taiwan? We cast votes for her, but, frankly, we have no idea about our president whose country is Taiwan or ROC.

“One country, one name” is an international rule. If you visit UN website, you won’t find any country that has dual official names. The Republic of France is France. The Republic of Singapore is Singapore. Unlike other countries, Canada has no such kind of official name as the “Republic of Canada” except Canada. Likewise, If Taiwan is a nation, it cannot be an exception.

Since DPP was formed in 1986, and the former president, Lee Ten-hui, pushed forward amending ROC’s constitution during his presidency, Taiwan has been democratized, but in a strict sense, Taiwan is not yet a country. Speaking bluntly, today the ROC government on Taiwan is similar to a Chinese colonial government despite the fact that it is democratically elected. That’s why DPP politicians always tell people: Taiwan is a country, but now the name of our country is called “ROC”. We actually don’t know how many times they will say NOW. Sadly, using a fake name, ROC, has ever been remaining a big problem for Taiwan. It is not only confusing Taiwanese national identity but also has caused a lot of troubles when Taiwan is eager to join WHO or any other international organizations.

Taiwan is the 11th trading partner of the US and the 22nd economy in the world ranking. In spite of China’s claiming Taiwan as a renegade province, many countries see Taiwan as a quasi-country, not a part of China as Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the KMT and its supporters not only smear Taiwan’s Independence, but also hate Taiwan to become a country. Taiwan is a beautiful and precious island where they live, work, raise their children and enjoy the lifestyle of freedom. However, they simply take advantage of this island for their own interests but never care about whether Taiwan is a country or not.  

When foreigners ask us why such a humiliating name as Chinese Taipei can be accepted to your government and people, we don’t know how to answer and feel very embarrassing. It is hard for you and me to say “I’m proud of being Taiwanese.” Last year, a referendum for participating in 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name of Taiwan was successfully promoted by civil groups, but failed to win a majority of votes. The DPP was surely to blame because President Tsai never has an intention to support “Taiwan’s Name Rectification” campaign. Why she turned a deaf ear to the voice of Taiwanese people? It would make many Taiwan-friendly Japanese people who expressed deep sympathy for Taiwan’s  using “Chinese Taipei” very difficult to understand.

The KMT and pro-China media keep telling us that if we call our country “Taiwan” the communist China will unify by force. Some people may be so stupid that will believe their lie because they have been brainwashed for long time. No one can deny that Taiwan has a highly strategic value for the US. It is not the fake name, ROC, to protect Taiwan from China’s invasion, but our defensive capabilities together with the US’ strong military presence in Pacific-Asia. Without the US’ support, how can Taiwan survive? Without Taiwan, the ROC is nothing but a historical name to the PRC.

In order to deal with world-wide threat resulted from Wuhan coronavirus breakout, WHO held an international forum (Feb. 11-12) in Geneva, Switzerland. Due to being not a member of WHA, Taiwan participated in the forum On-Line under the name of “Taipei”. Such an absurd phenomenon once again highlights a brutal fact: neither ROC nor Taiwan is a nation. We must have the courage to face it. Fortunately, the world’s rapidly changing political situation is more favorable for Taiwan to change status quo than ever before. Now is the time to let the world hear the voice of our will to establish Taiwan as a nation.

Do we wish Taiwan to join the UN in the future? If we have no hesitation in answering “YES”, then we have to ask ourselves three questions. First, what is our vision of Taiwan as a nation? Second, how can we establish Taiwan as a new and progressive nation? Third, when Taiwan will become an internationally recognized nation?

To begin with establishing Taiwan as a new nation, first, we have to abandon the name of ROC. Then, we ought to abolish the ROC constitution and draw up new one based on Taiwan’s current sociopolitical conditions and future developments. Finally, Taiwan will gain its statehood and further establish diplomatic relations with the US, Japan, EU and other friendly countries around the world. Without these steps, Taiwan cannot be transformed into an independent and free country. Only actions can change our fate. Don’t be afraid. Be brave and stand up! As long as we have the will and determination, God will help us pave a road to the bright future of Taiwan. 
















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