F-35Bs 隱形戰機首度降落英國航艦伊利莎白皇后號 (Stealth aircraft F-35Bs land on UK carrier for first time!)(video) ◎ Update Defense 2018-09-28


A Royal Navy (RN) pilot landed the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II Fighter Joint Strike on British flight seeker HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time on September 25.

The event, which marks the return of the operation of fixed wing aircraft from RN operators after nearly eight years of absence, occurred off the east coast of the United States.

RN Commander Nathan Gray took control of the first aircraft, BF-05, landed on a 65,000-ton ship and gradually the Royal Air Force (RAF) Squadron Chairman Andy Edgell landed his plane, BF-04, on board.


In a collection of experimental images released by the Department of Defense (Ministry of Defense), Gray Gray can be seen using a plane lift fan to float on the side of the ship and then take it ashore. He then made the first takeoff from Queen Elizabeth with a fixed wing aircraft using a ‘ski’ ship.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman told Jane that the next deck landing and flight would continue after September 25 as part of an 11-week ‘first class’ flight trial. More than 500 take-offs and touch-downs will take place during this trial, with jets and crew entering their steps in various weather conditions.

Although the first plane to land on the ship was flown by an English pilot, it was part of a joint pool of modeled airframes used by the F-35 Integrated Test Force based at the US Naval Air Station (NAS) of the Patuxent River in Maryland. BF-04 uses a sign from the US Navy / VX-23 Marine test unit, based at NAS Patuxent River.

Source: janes.

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