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Photographer Eric Lafforgue has been to North Korea several times and has managed to smuggle photos of contemporary life out. North Korea works hard to control its image as a modern and righteous country. Lafforgues’ shots, however, reveal a strikingly different reality. Here are some eye-opening photos showing a land the rest of the world rarely gets to see.

Plus check out the bonus video at the end of this article – a full-length documentary of never before seen inside footage of North Korea. It’s a fascinating watch!

This shot of a soldier sleeping on the side of the road is the one that Lafforgue claims got him banned from the country.

Since officials regulate everything, tourists are confined to one hotel and are not allowed to go off without a guide. Pyongyang, the capital city, maintains her buildings’ exteriors but Lafforgue still managed to capture some of the bleaker looking buildings.

Officials were not pleased when Lafforgue snapped this photo showing soldiers at ease. He was asked to delete it, a recurring theme throughout his trip.


Subways are also bomb shelters.

North Korea aspires to appear modern and is happy to show Lafforgue students using computers. The reality, however, is that the internet is limited to government-approved sites, and international sites are blocked.

There’s outdated plumbing systems.

Malnutrition is a very common sight.

Strong patriotism is enforced – Citizens are obliged to dress up and celebrate the Kimjongilia festival – a public holiday that honors the country’s Supreme Leaders.

There are more children than cars on the streets.

There are daily power outages and shortages.

Citizens are required by law to have framed photos of late leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong Il hanging in their homes, and are also given a special towel to polish them with. You are also required to bow when approaching their statues.

Supermarkets are for the elite.

While the majority struggle to find food.

Officials prefer that these sorts of images portraying poverty are deleted. It goes against their continual efforts to appear as a happy, thriving nation.

You can’t forget the army.

The army has a big presence and is portrayed as powerful, but a lot of the time its soldiers are doing manual labor such as farming.

Public transport is hardly developed. Permits are required to travel between towns.

There are sketchy safety standards.

Children are used for labor.

North Korea has a widespread hate for America. South Korea is considered occupied by Americans. Americans are referred to as ‘Imperialists’.

Bonus Video: Documentary – Never Before Seen Real Footage Inside of North Korea 


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