給美國總統川普的一封公開信(An Open Letter to the US President Donald Trump) ◎ 獨傲村夫 2017-01-06


Dear US President Donald Trump,

I begin this letter by saying “感謝“ in my native language to express my gratitude to you. The two Chinese characters which are pronounced kám-sia are same as we say “Thank you” in English. Like me, many in Taiwan are happy to say “kám-sia” because in early December last year you spoke to our President Tsai Ing-Wen on phone, breaking the US diplomatic practice in more than 35 years. Your historic call, though making China furious, has won applause in Taiwan. It’s a good first step toward normalizing US-Taiwan relations.

I believe you, as the 45th US president, will make America great again. You have shown your muscle not to bow to China before taking office. You are tough and brilliant. If you behave like spineless Obama and yield to Beijing, how will American people believe you can make America great again? Those who criticized that your embracing Taiwan would provoke a Washington-Beijing diplomatic crisis are either biased or chicken-hearted.

How come you cannot call Tsai “President of Taiwan”without Beijing’s permission? Is Xi Jing-ping your boss? Is China greater than America? Very ridiculous!


Since June, 2015 when you began your election campaigns, I have heard you talking about China so many times. Obviously, China is a big problem for America because this largest job-threatening country has stolen American millions of jobs. For the Taiwanese, China is even the biggest problem due to the fact: we have a hostile China across Taiwan Strait and a fake China in the island.   

The Carter’s Administration severed formal relations with Taiwan in 1979. But, in reality, the US did not cut relations with Taiwan but with the Republic of China. Since 1949 when the ROC perished and Chiang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan, we have a “ROC” government in this island. American president Harry Truman once called Chiang a “thief”and condemned Madam Chiang’s family members stealing billions of US dollars from American aid during World War II. Likewise, the Chinese dictator stole our motherland, Taiwan. As a result, we have been suffering from becoming stateless people.

Actually, ROC is a fake country name pretending Taiwan to be China in the world. This  is a biggest barrier to prevent Taiwan from being recognized internationally. That’s why Taiwan is not admitted to be a UN member. The saddest thing is that we’re forced to participate in any international institution under the name “Chinese Taipei”—a humiliating name for the Taiwanese people.

Beijing’s “one China” principle is groundless. It is not based on true history. It is a trick for fooling the world. China exploits it as a pretext for occupying Tibet, Xinjiang, and menacing Taiwan. You do have moral reasons to challenge the evil principle.

Contrary to what Beijing claims, Taiwan has never been a renegade province of China. I think you know the Chinese very well. Beijing government always tells a lie. Never trust Chinese communists. They are liars.

Let me tell you the truth. Historically, Taiwan, used to be a territory of the Ching Empire, was ceded to Japan in 1895 according to the Treaty of Shimonoseki . Since then, Taiwan has never been a part of China. In 1952 Japan and Chiang’s regime signed the Sino-Japanese Treaty on which Japan renounced her claim to Taiwan but without explicitly mentioning to hand over the sovereignty of Taiwan to China. How can Beijing claim Taiwan a part of China? You should tell Xi Jing-ping to face true history rather than keep telling the big lie.

The majority of Taiwanese hate China because the bullying Chinese Communists constantly intimidate to annex Taiwan. More than 70% of the island’s population are surveyed to self-identify as “Taiwanese”, not “Chinese”. Particularly, our younger generation holds a very negative opinion of China and strongly favors changing Taiwan status quo to become a normalized independent country. Therefore, I beg you for respecting the will of the Taiwanese. Let the 23-million people self-determine the future.

It never occurred to me that you would sell out Taiwan. Some political commentators worry that you consider playing the “Taiwan Card”and may use Taiwan as a bargain chip when making a deal with China. I don’t think Formosa, dubbed “beautiful Island”, so cheap that America will be stupid to play it just like a bargain chip. Coincidently, your surname is Trump. You should regard Taiwan as a “trump card”.

As a real estate tycoon, you are pretty aware of whether a real property is valuable or not depends on its location. Located on a pivotal position of first island chain in the Pacific, Taiwan has been long viewed as “Strategic Asset” for the US by geopolitical scholars.  General Douglas MacArthur once described the island as an “unsinkable aircraft carrier”that required American support. For the US, Taiwan is too important to be traded; China is too dangerous to be ignored. In view of Taiwan gifted with unique strategic value, I feel very hard to believe America would rather build 10 costly sinkable aircraft carriers than protect an unsinkable one.

Today, we are living in fear as China deploys thousand missiles targeting the island. Shortly after your phone call with Tsai Ing-wen, China sent more than 10 warplanes flying around the island—a serious concern to Taiwan’s security.

Taiwan, a long-term ally and the best trade partner of the US, is of great worth for your  offering hands to help. Comparing with China, we are small in size, but we are a democratic and peace-loving country. As Peter Navarro, your policy advisor, has pointed out, America should stop sacrificing Taiwan’s interests for appeasing China. Taiwan deserves more military support from the US. Facing China’s continued aggression in the East and South China Seas, now it is time for America to fully commit to modernize Taiwan’s defense capabilities and maintain Taiwan as an independent and a pro-US ally to counter militaristic China.

Since Ronald Reagan is your role model, I wish you would act like an “Iron Man” to stand with Taiwan. Just as Reagan said, “Weakness only invites aggression”, a weak Taiwan will only invite Chinese aggression. By adhering to the “Taiwan Relations ACT” and “Six Assurances” and further strengthening Taiwan’s defense, US will make Taiwan stronger and safer. During your presidency, your firm and strong support will be heartedly appreciated by all of Taiwanese people. Finally, I would like to take the coming holiday to extend my best wishes to you and your family.

Happy New Year!

Duao Chun-Fu

A modest Taiwan’s citizen

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