Gratitude turns what we have into enough  感恩, 使我們擁有的變得足夠 ! ◎ 袁智慧


The less the expectation, the more the surprise  期待越少,驚喜越多

The less the wish, the more the joy   願望越少,快樂越多

The less the jealous, the more the peace  嫉妒越少,和平就越多

The more the forgiveness, the less the disappointment 原諒越多,失望越少


The more you want, the less the satisfaction 想要的越多,滿足感越少

The more the equitable justice,  the less the hatred, 正義越公平,仇恨就越少,

The more the empathy, the more the understanding  越有同理心,越能理解   

The more the appreciation, the more the acception   越懂得欣賞,就越能夠接受

The more the kindness, the more the beauty on the face 越是善良, 臉上 越 美

The more the silence, the more the music  越安靜,音樂越多

The quieter the sound, the clear the resonance  聲音越小,共鳴越清晰

The more the listen by heart, the more the truth you can hear 越用心聽,越能聽到真話

The more the trust, the longer the friendship  信任越多,友誼越長

The more the credence, the more the business  信用越好, 生意越多

The more you think for others, the better your relationships will be 多為 別人著想, 人際關係就會更好

The stronger the Faith, the more the Love 信心越強,愛就越多

 The more the care, the more the honor  多一份關懷,多一份榮譽

 The more the gratitude, The more the happiness  感恩越多,幸福越多

We smile because we are grateful 我們微笑是因為我們感恩

We are grateful because we can smile 我們很感 恩,因為我們可以微笑

The more the smile, the more the grace 微笑越多, 恩典越多

Hallelujah ! Gratitude is a blessing 哈利路亞   凡事感恩 知足常樂

The more the gratitude, the more the cherish  越感恩, 越珍惜

The more the greed, the more the loss  貪求越多,損失越大

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

感恩使我們擁有的變得足夠  !Happy Thanksgiving Day !  感恩節快樂!

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