John Chiang︰Hear what Californians have to say about our future and about this campaign. ◎江俊輝臉書 2017-09-08


On this day, three months ago, I hit the road for a year-long trip throughout California. I kicked off my campaign to become your next governor in Boyle Heights and then in San Francisco — just two of our cities that highlight the culture, diversity, and history that makes our state exceptional. I have come to you in San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno, Fremont, Alameda, Riverside, and Santa Barbara. I have been to more than 20 cities, and nearly 15 of our counties, traveling a total of 2,362.7 MILES across California (which is longer than the distance from Los Angeles to Detroit, Michigan, by the way). I have traveled up and down the state to meet you and listen to the issues that matter most. This campaign is about all Californians and I am going to make sure every Californian feels included in this political process. Check out this video and see the road that California is taking by Joining John. Are you with me?



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